9 Great Steps to Sell Brandable Domain Names 1

9 Great Steps to Sell Brandable Domain Names

Selling Brandable Domain Names

Selling brandable domain names for top dollar can be challenging, but there are a number of key strategies that can increase your chances of success:


1. Determine the value of your domain name: Before offering your domain name for sale, you should research and analyze its market value. There are many factors that can influence the value of a domain name, such as its length, its memorability, its relevance to a specific industry, its name extension, and its search engine optimization potential. Use Godaddy’s domain appraisal tool to help you. Although we at Startup Domains primarily offer exact-match .com domain names, others have succeeded in selling domains of various extensions and types. Each name and extension will infer different valuations.

Tell the World

2. List your domain name on domain marketplaces: There are many online marketplaces where you can list your domain name for sale, such as GoDaddy, Sedo, Afternic, DAN, SquadHelp, and Efty Marketplace. These marketplaces can help you reach a wider audience of potential buyers and provide tools to help you negotiate and close the sale.

We currently use Dan.com (owned by GoDaddy), and Efty (our marketplace is at ResaleDomains.com), in addition to our other owned site, BrandLily.com. Marketplaces typically charge fees, including broker fees, so be aware of the specifics of whichever platforms you use.

More Outreach

3. Reach out to potential buyers directly: Obviously, you can contact potential buyers directly via email or social media. Rather than a scattershot approach, try to target individuals or companies who may have reason to be interested in your domain name based on their industry or business model. Although this is one of our least favorite techniques, there are successful domainers who have made money through such outreach.

Make it Shiny

4. Showcase your domain name: Create a landing page for your domain name that showcases its potential and its value proposition. Consider including information on the domain’s history, its search engine optimization potential, potential trademark opportunities, and any notable companies that use branding with a similar feel. Just make sure you aren’t infringing on their branding.

Showcasing in these ways can help increase the perceived value of the domain and attract more potential buyers. BrandLily.com, SquadHelp.com, BrandBucket.com, and others include logos to help showcase domains for sale. It requires some effort and creativity but doing so can help your domains stand out.

9 Great Steps to Sell Brandable Domain Names 2
9 Great Steps to Sell Brandable Domain Names 3

Consider Financing

5. Offer financing options: If your domain name is priced at a high value, offering financing options may make it accessible to potential buyers who may not have the full amount available upfront. This can help you close the sale and generate more revenue over time. Dan.com is one of the best at financing domain purchases, though Escrow.com has financing options that may be less expensive for the buyer.

Build Your Presence

6. Build a strong online presence: In addition to your professional website or landing page that showcases your brandable domain names, social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be powerful tools for promoting your brandable domain names. You can create social media posts, share blog articles related to your domains, or use paid advertising to target specific audiences. Make sure to use appropriate hashtags and keywords to increase your reach and visibility.

The more visibility and personal credibility you develop, the more likely buyers will trust what you’re selling and look for your offerings. Use high-quality images and clear descriptions in your posts or tweets. Humor is great but directness is important. Everyone is busy, so cut to the chase.

In-person Networking

7. Attend domain name conferences and events: Consider attending domain name conferences and events to help you network with potential buyers and other domain name investors. These events provide opportunities to showcase your domain names and gain exposure to potential buyers in person. You may pick up tips about how to market to end-market buyers. Conferences can become expensive, of course, but they work well for some people. This is not our preferred approach due to the expense and a general dislike of travel. But, you do you.

Pay to Get Paid

8. Use paid advertising: Paid advertising can be a useful tool to reach a larger audience of potential buyers. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are popular advertising platforms that allow you to target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. You can use paid advertising to drive traffic to your domain name’s landing page or to promote a domain name directly.

Plan to start with a low daily ad budget and track your costs, so you don’t give up your potential profit to the advertising platforms. This is not a technique we have utilized, so you are on your own with this one.

9 Great Steps to Sell Brandable Domain Names 4

One More Way to Sell Brandable Domain Names

Pay Even More to Get Paid

9. Use a domain name broker: Many domain name brokers are experienced professionals who can help you sell your domain name. They may have access to a large network of potential buyers and can help you negotiate the best possible price for your domain name. However, keep in mind that domain name brokers typically charge a commission fee, which can range from 10% to 30% of the sale price. And it is difficult to know upfront who is actually worth the fee you will pay. That research is beyond the scope of this post. (FYI: Startup Domains does NOT broker outside domains, but only those owned by our long-time clients.)

In Summary

Selling brandable domain names requires a combination of research, marketing, sales, and networking skills. By using a mix of the above strategies, you can increase your chances of finding the right buyer and achieving a successful, top-dollar sale. Good luck!

9 Great Steps to Sell Brandable Domain Names 5

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