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Startup Domains

Growing Companies for Good

Startup Domains is part of Bionic Ventures LLC, located in Los Angeles, CA, a company that builds and grows companies to support economies, employees and customers.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

As our site grows, so will our resources to help entrepreneurs grow and build their own economies.

Domains and Branding

We can help entrepreneurs select and register the best available domain names to help brand their startup companies right. Coming soon!

Interesting information for your business startup

Quick video showing how you can benefit form our portfolio product, the AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer. The AbStar AIR makes it "easier" and safer to get in shape at home. ...

One minute video of many of the core exercises you can perform with the AbStar AIR Core Fitness Trainer.

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Bionic Ventures LLC updated their profile picture. ...

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I was fortunate to meet #RandyHetrick at the #IDEAWorld Convention in LA on Saturday. Randy is largely responsible for making #TRX and #TRXTraining an important force in the #fitness world, along with his terrific team. I spoke with him for about twenty minutes during the convention. He was very open, engaging, and generous with his time and knowledge. His passion for health and fitness and creating beneficial solutions for his customers were obvious and contagious. His success should come as no surprise given those traits and his impressive background and record of success. TRX has a strong educational arm which supports the sale of their products, but also strongly supports health professionals, gym owners and end users. I learned a lot from speaking with him, and I wanted to pass some of my experience with him along to anyone who comes to this site for business insight. His is a good model to follow for success in any field. Passion, openness, generosity and, of course, hard work never go out of style. ...

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